Frequently Asked Questions

See below for answers to key questions you may have about our rental properties.


Who is Spring Town Business Parks?

We’re a family business that was founded by Mario Di Pede and is now led by his sons, Tony and Dave. Together, we take pride in offering high-quality spaces in prime locations and providing excellent property management services. Our commitment to giving Canadian businesses well-designed properties, excellent maintenance, and personal service allows us to maintain a 99% occupancy rate.


How large are Spring Town’s units and what is their availability?
We have hundreds of units, which range in size from 800 to 125,000 square feet. To check availability, visit our industrial rentals page or call our office.


Can I contact Spring Town directly for rental rates and information?
Absolutely! You can call our office for any information you require.


What is the tenant responsible for upon renting a unit?
The tenant is responsible for gas, hydro, internal maintenance, and clearing snow from sidewalks in front of entrances. We conduct all other maintenance. Our telephone messaging service provides 24-hour emergency service.


What happens if I outgrow the space or cannot fulfill my lease terms for some reason?
If you need a larger space at any time during the lease, we will provide an alternative space within our business parks. If we cannot provide the space your firm requires or if you cannot fulfill the lease, we will attempt to lease your space. Once we find a new tenant, we will release you from the lease. Contact our office for more information.


How do I know that Spring Town is the right fit for my business?
Simply walk into any of our buildings and ask the tenants. They’ll be happy to share their experience. We gain most of our new tenants by word of mouth and through referrals from existing and previous tenants. No matter how long you’ve been one of our clients, we’re committed to providing you the ultimate in service.