Why Rent From Us?

Providing prime office
space since 1954

Since 1954, we’ve been helping Canadians take their businesses to the next level by giving them the spaces they need to do their best work. Our functional offices are available on flexible terms for teams of 1–100 people.

Need a new home base immediately? With Spring Town, you can set up, move in, and start working within hours.
Agents We’re happy to work with all agents to help their clients find the space they need to support their growing business.

How do we work
with agents?

Simply introduce a client to us and send us information about the type of business, desired size of space, and the requested length of term. Our experienced team will take it from there. We’ll show your client numerous locations, negotiate the terms, prepare all agreements, and close the deal.

What happens after the
tenant executes the lease?

We’ll send the Offer to Lease to your office to facilitate the request of a commission invoice. The invoice is paid promptly upon receipt (after the tenant’s cheque clears) instead of when the tenant takes occupancy.

Why do we provide this
service to agents?

Many clients are looking for spaces they can lease right away. By working directly with them, we’re able to give them all of the information they need and answer their questions in detail. This increases the likelihood that they will find a space that fits their needs and sign a lease immediately.